August 28th, 2006

update in brief.

Event was much fun. There of course was angst and woe but much much fun. I went into the event expecting to die and was pleasantly surprised when I did not. I am sad that Vhon is dead. She was Piotyrs best friend and it hurt see her go. You know I tried to think of a way to explain to a mundane why one would be sad or cry at the death of the a character in the game. Have you ever cried at a movie or a tv show? It is like that only more intense. Not quite the same as loosing a friend really but it will illicit emotion if you let it.

Having dinner with friends tonight. should be nice.

Moms going home wensday. I am off thursday through tuesday. I asked for it off 6 months ago while thinking I would go to dragoncon. Sad really. oh well. i will be running Eberron saturday with what is shaping up to be maybe 8 players. This is twice what the adventure was written for so I may be upping the numbers on that a bit.

I am using the two days off to be productive I think. I will record another podcast, damn it. I will write up some other projects. I will also be trying out the World of Warcraft trial. if people have suggestions on servers give me a heads up.