August 30th, 2006

to my WoW playing pals.

So I did some more World of warcraft last night and played a undead warlock. that was fun. summoning the imp and killing things became quite fun and easy. I leveled quickly. I think tonight I will try another spell caster class. anyone have any suggestions? Favorite clasees to play?

a few notes

when looking into the beast, dont blink.

Home is where the heart is. I keep it in the freezer.

Life is as simple or complicated as you allow you observations to be.

It is never as hard or easy as it appears.

I miss my passion.

True love almost never is in the end. Real love takes work.

Regrets are a universal constant. Even the stars regret something.

Idealism, pragmatism, and extremism are all places we know well. I try and stay in the middle.

I try and tell myself I dont need love. Sometimes I believe me.

I tell the truth to others cause I am too good a liar to myself.

Sometimes you just want to scream.

Sometimes You just want scrump.

I miss Goblinkatie.

I think I distance myself sometimes to keep safe. Keeping people at arms length makes it harder to be hurt by them. Also makes me feel like dying some days.

The quicksand is annoying but at least it is a nice view as I sink.

Money will not buy you happiness. But it can bribe the the things that make you feel bad to go away.

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I found this on Wired. I honestly believe there are a number of friends on my friends list that should do this. Hell I may do this.,71683-0.html Gets Book Smart

By Jeff MacIntyre| Also by this reporter
02:00 AM Aug, 30, 2006

Those who can't publish, blog. It's one of the enduring knocks against the blogosphere. But what happens when any blogger, or blog reader, has one-button access to cheaply printing a neatly bound, customized slice of, a self-publishing startup, will invite 600 bloggers this week to test out its new service by creating a free bound copy of their blog. It's a fresh shot across the bow to traditional publishers in an industry already facing disruptive changes from digital giants Google and Amazon. Collapse )