September 13th, 2006

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Okay a few minor points...

Am I going to be kicked out of the liberal classification if I say I do not want Hilary Clinton as president? Am I the only one who cringes at the thought of this woman. She has consistantly iritated me every time I hear about any time she has taken a stand. maybe cause the times I hear about it is blatent politics or she is talking about how our children need to be protected from video games, tv and movies. Can the Democrats not come up with someone better? Al gore looks like a bitter whiner. Dean does not stand up to the test either. Barak Obama might be a choise I dont know but right now the field of democrats is pretty slim. There is a movie coming out starring Robin Williams that has the premise a John Stewart type comedian host of a topical comedy show runs for president and wins. I am amused by this concept as much as anything because iut is so believable. Running for president as much as anything is a popularity contest these days. John Stewart is likable and smart. If he ran is it not believable he would win?

On the republican side I pointed out if Colin Powel ran for president he would probably win to a friend of mine at work. All of my black coworkers stated they believe he would be killed before he could ever win. They were convinced because Colin Powel was black he would eventually be killed for trying to become president. These were all normally reasonable people but on this they saw not alternative result. I am bothered that this seems such a previlent view. Is this really still a fear? I could see it it being a legitimate concern 30 years ago, but now?

on an unrelated note I am thinking of trying to attend a Universalist Unitarian church. In many ways it the only church can honestly feel at home in. I am a spiritual person but I am certainly not a Christian or a religious person. I do feel however I sometimes miss the sharing of that spiritual aspect in my life. I am think of going to a Universalist Unitarian church to maybe get some of that.

not much else at the moment.