September 18th, 2006

So on the matter of church.

I went to the Unitarian Universalist church sunday. My mom tells me it is unwise to make a decision about a church on the first visit. you dont get to know them untill you have been going a few times, so i am goign to reserve judgement till then but here are my impressions.

First let me say the unitarian church i went to had a loveley building. It was a long curved building. At first I thought it was a circle but relized it was just lost curve. Along the wall there were words carved like sorrow, wisdom, and joy. The People were welcoming and friendly. I suppose that is typical of any church though. They gavfe me a brief tour before the service and answered what questions there were. It had been almost a decade since I had attended a church for more than a wedding or funeral so I was feeling a little awkward.

The service itself was nice. The choir is actually pretty good and the music was...wel different. I grew up goign to episcopal and anglican services. The music in those services was old and sounded old. I dont know enough about music theory to say what was different except to say the music was definately writen in modern times. The service has its ritual. There is ceremony to light the chalice. There were spoken verse and responce portions. Things I could recognize in that, but different again. The pastor had as part of his writing the writings of philosophers, scientists, and even the Dali Lama. His sermon was prompted about and internet joke referring to Zen Judiasm. He discussed the strengths and weaknesses of taking truths and parts from different religious traditions. He pointed out it was something that can lead to great wisdom and could also be done shallowly. He gave anecdotes that referred to his own interest in the Dali Lama and one of his favorite writings on religion was the Dali Lama's comentary on the sermon on the mount. All in all I liked his points and his delivery.

After words there was free food in the form of a potluck. The people were again welcoming. I think I was a little intimidated by how many people there were but overall it was nice. I think I will keep going when I can for a while to at least get more of an impression of them.

I have to say though the fellowship felt nice and the common things to Unitarian Universalists appeals to me. They are very interested in scholorship and being open to different truths. There is no complete dogma to the church, but that lack is their dogma. They belive in the truth that each person carries and that is very compelling to someone who did not feel at home in any religion.
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I like tv.

Sue me but I ike the medium it can be. Dont get me wrong I despise a great deal of tv today. I didslike reality shows, talent(less) shows, and game shows. I think they are a waste of space. I dont like most sitcoms. Television news has dropped to a new low not. Not since the days of william randolf hearst has news media been used so thuroughly as a tool for agendas and not for the reporting of the truth.

but there are gems. I love the new battlestar galactica for its excellent story telling. I have a about a dozen shows all told i will make the time to watch because they either take the time to actually write compelling and interesting stories combines with good acting and filmwork, or they appeal to something basic in me like say stargate which may not be the most original work out there but has solid adventure in spades.

I particularly loved West Wing. it was what I wished a president and a whitehouse would be all the time. I dont care if the white house republican or democrat in it if it is a passionate yet reasonable man surrounded by the smartest people around I think it is good.

Studio 60 spoilers below.
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I also agree with Adam when he said"the irony is this show will get better ratings than Saturday Night Live."

So yeah, i am going to keep watching this one.

edit:So yeah this is a clip of why i think this is a kick ass show.