September 20th, 2006

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Anyone else on my friends list tried out this Vox service? I have just signed in to my new vox account and I am going to be playing around with it for a few weeks. I was just wondering if anyone on my friends list was already there.

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So at work I have funny little conversations. Thyere are a couple of folks who not only believe the attack on the World trade center was orchestrated by our government but at least one of them brings up the Illuminati. I being the reasonable man that I am have pointed out that there is no supportable evidence that it was a government operation. I even pointed to the fine articles from popular mechanics disputing most of the previelent arguements mad this horrible deed was done by our government.

I pointed out that the Illuminati really most likely does not exist. One of the people I was arguing with actually pointed to the fact that you cant find any real evidence of the existance of the illuminati as proof it was real. And yes Laurie, he did in fact refer to the Templars there by prooving himself a loon.

But he and the other fellow I was arguing with became animated in the discussion. No matter how reasonable my point they would not listen. How would most of you argue this point?

for folks interested

here is Lee's game demoed for podcast reporters. For those who dont know him Lee is this uber cool geek who made it.

edit: I also have numerous other friends working on this game.