October 4th, 2006

podcasting stuff

in another of my reviews of podcasts worth listening to, I feel I would be remiss if I did not mention Podiobooks. This a site devoted to presenting audiobooks and audio dramas. They have a number of different writers working with them encluding some hugo nominated ones and some new york times best seller authors. This is a good central clearing house of audio fiction. It is where I found out about brave men run. You can find short fiction collections like Voices: New Media Fiction edited by Mur Lafferty. Or novels like say The Immortals by Tracy Hickman. They also have some old school radio dramas like Black Jack Justice by decoder ring theater.

They operate on a donation model with over half of the money going to the authors and the rest to site upkeep. You can subscribe to a feed and have it release episodes one a week, one a day or all at once so it is pretty customizable in that regard. They also have links for easy subscribing no matter your podcast catcher. Also you can play them straight from the site.

They can be found at http://www.podiobooks.com/

as to my own podcast i should be recording another episode and releasing it next week on iTunes.

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okay this one took forever but it was fun.

1)Saul Alstrom(shattered isles, swordsman)
2) Mortimer Underhill Arden(Nero,rogue gravedigger)
3) Reginald Smythe(Kings gate, Naran)
4) Pitoyr Zmey(Kings Gate, snake bonder, physician)
5) Angus McPhereson(shattered isles, sorceror, fisherman, time traveler)
6) Jin Long(shattered Isles, wu jen from Xian Long)
7) Jimmy "Jazzman" Kelly(camarilla, Toreador blues musician)
8) Dr. Clark(camarilla, mortal with healing power of faith)
9) Winston "The Red King" McCall(camarilla, Caitiff)
10) Jackson Bosch(Camarilla, ghoul)
11) Balar(Dungenons and Dragons half orc Sorceror, Reese's game)
12) Abkulruth(D&D wizard/cleric, adams gestalt game)

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sadness for serenity 2

from whedonesque http://whedonesque.com/comments/11487#143843

Hi boys and odd, smooth, compellingly bumpy non-boys. I'm in Liverpool, on Alexis' lap... sorry, laptop, checking in and seeing all sorts of nonsense about a sequel to something. I did run into someone at Forbidden Planet, and he said something about that I ought to make more things, possibly art things, and I agreed. He didn't know the fellow I was with was Brian Hitch but it was 'cause I'm so, yeah, awesome. Yes, Warren and Natalie and Brian and I had dinner, after nattering on for SFX at the hotel (I like that mag) and it was blazingly fun. They're all three multitalented, urbane, and surprisingly sweet. I'm none of those things but I came the farthest so they had to be nice. BUT...

There's no sequel, no secret project regarding Serenity or somesuch and I'm not even sure how anyone thought there was talk there. I've seen Nathan and Tim (and Summer and Alan) recently because they're my friends because I'm so, yeah, awesome. So let's put that to bed and smother it with a pillow.

Fun fact: Didn't read the thread, but as for James playing Shinzon: that's the reason he left for darkest Africa at the end of season six. We were giving him the time off to do the film. When it didn't happen, the course was already set. But he got a nifty soul and that worked out okay.

Oh, and I heard Marvel pushed back X-Men 18? I've delivered 19, and Johnny's working steadily, so blame the marketplace. In fact, overturn the marketplace, the way Jesus did when he was cranky about that thing that time.

Rolling in Kittens, -j.

joss | October 01, 12:12 CET