October 20th, 2006

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ClientLogic Buys Sitel Corp. for $450M

All Associated Press NewsNEW YORK (AP) - ClientLogic, a privately held business services outsourcing company, said Friday it would acquire customer service provider Sitel Corp. for $4.05 per share in cash, or a total of $450 million.
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So why should you care about this. Well for one thing they become one of the largest outsourced customer service companies in the world. There is a good chance that if you call for customer service or even techsupport you may be talking to clientlogic.

They handle customer service or tech support for a few companies you may have heard of.
People pc
Royal Bank of Scottland
and a number of other companies.
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okay this stuff is nifty. I can picture it being neat for halloween and larp use.


Wow... if you are like us, your first question will be "How did they do that?!" This has to be one of the most exciting new developments in fun hair color products in years. A patented process takes ordinary hair color and makes it extraordinary, by adding self-illuminating glow! Voltage does not rely on UV, neon or black lights to create glow. Instead, it produces its own light! Tiny, microscopic particles in the gel come together in the mixing process to produce a bright colorful glow that can be seen in partial light and in the dark for at least 6-8 hours (technically, this incredible effect lasts more than 24 hours at a diminishing glow). The glow is bright enough to even use in lieu of a flashlight to go through a campground at night! Collapse )

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Microsoft Zune: Doesn't sound sweet to everyone
IDG News Service 10/18/06

Jeremy Kirk, IDG News Service, London Bureau
Microsoft's forthcoming digital music player, dubbed Zune, may make some Hebrew speakers gasp. The name for the device -- which will take on the Apple iPod when released later this year -- sounds like a vulgarity, specifically the "f" word, in Hebrew.

The tech industry continually creates goofy product names, exemplified by Yahoo and Google. But companies routinely hire branding consultancies to extensively research product names, including translations in other languages, says Steve Manning, managing director for Igor International in San Francisco, a branding agency. Nobody wants to make the mistake that Chevy did with its Nova automobile (No va, of course, made Spanish speakers think "no go.")

Hebrew linguists are divided over Zune. Tsila Ratner, the head of Hebrew courses in the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies at University College London, says Zune is an unsuitable name for a product. However, Haggit Inbar-Littas, a 30-year veteran Hebrew teacher with the London Jewish Cultural Center, says while the name is "ridiculous" and close to the bad word, it's unlikely to be mistaken.

Microsoft breaks the controversy down to pronunciation. "While we do acknowledge the similarity in pronunciation to Hebrew zi-yun, that is not the intended meaning of the name Zune," according to a Microsoft statement. Bloggers have picked up on the difference -- one humorously writing that if you say Zune to rhyme with iTunes, out pops the profanity.
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gaming update.

I think I will run the rest of the Eberron module on sturday unless anyone has an objection. I think it will work better for folks. I will getting my car fixed but hopefully it will be done in plenty of time for the game. if it looks otherwise I will let people know and shoot for sunday afternoon.