October 23rd, 2006

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So the weekend was a bit of a roller coaster. I took my car in for work on the window and to get a tune up on saturday. The saturn dealer has been good to me for what it is worth. The problem is though when I took it in they discovered an intake manifold leaking coolant. This can lead to far worse problems so it had to get fixed. They showed me the leak and well to be honest intake manifold gaskets make up a large part of the repairs I have aproved through my job so I know that it is a common ailment of pretty much all vehicles. I had to recruit family help on paying for the over 600 dollars. The repair should be done today but I was not happy about this. Luckily they gave me a loaner till it got repaired.

on the up I ran my eberron game. We had a pretty good game I think. The pc's were appropriately creeped out by the creepy non rotting dead and the Carcass Crab. They managed to finish Shadows of The Last War with more than a few clever bits from the pc's. They even managed to achive their goals with out facing the hideous fire elementals. The group began gathering around 3 and the game broke up at 4:30 in the morning. it was the first marathon session in a long while and it was nice.

On sunday I got called at 9:30 in the morning by an angry wife. Apparently the keeping of her husband out to the wee hours was my fault. I dont recall holding anyone at gun point but I was at fault and there fore was woken up at 9:30 as punishment. Later that day I got a phone call apologizing for waking me up in the morning. After the call I got a similar complaint from an angry girlfriend for much the same reason. It was like a strange comedy. All in all i am not sorry for the late game. If we have one of those once every few months I dont see as how thats so bad. And to the folks that groused at me there are no hard feelings. It was just strangely amusing to me.

I tried to look into a Star trek MUSH a friend of mine plays sunday evening. I will honestly admit I have never MUSHed and was curious and he made it sound very cool. I looked at their site and I have to say the documentation and how to files were bad enough I quickly reevaluated whether i wanted to get involved in the game. Are all MUSH that difficult to learn? I may give it another shot a different time. Truth betold i almost wish I could pick Reeses brain for about an hour or two while trying to get into it.

Oh well back to the grindstone. I have work and so many personal projects.