October 27th, 2006

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As to the game on saturday. I have been going back and forth on things I have decided it will be Eberron again. When we tried to play rifts it went.....poorly. The only enjoyment people seemed to have were Alex's antics(which were in fact funny) and making fun of how bad the systtem is. So It will be Eberron for a while till we settle on a good alternate.

On the subject of an alternate, I would like to do a game that is not D&D at least if I am running it. To much of one system and I at least get bored. Less so if I am not running it cause well it is less work to be a player. So I am looking for suggestions of what people might be interested in as an alternate game.

A few possabilities I might toss out there.
Veaya's world of Darkness setting.
Champions or hero system for some other setting.
Dawning Star( yeah I know the d20 modern system is painful, so maybe we could do the setting in another system)
Star Wars(we could pick up where we left off)
some other thing I have not concidered.

Also I am going to offer up the suggesting for saturdays game we might take up a collection and go get some little ceasars pizza. It is cheap and does not suck.

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So I sent what I think was pettty concise letter to my local senator about the military commission act of 2006. I addressed my specific complaints about it. This was the reply I got. I love the personal touch involved.

Dear Friend:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me. It is an honor to serve you as Majority Leader of the United States Senate and a privilege to respond to your letter.

The security of the United States remains at the top of my agenda. The Senate has passed funding for hundreds of miles of triple-layer border fencing and vehicle barriers, thousands of new Border Patrol agents, and provided for a special deployment of 6000 National Guardsmen to help enforce our laws and secure our borders. In addition to securing our domestic interests, the Senate has worked to pass emergency funding in support of our Armed Forces, both at home and abroad. Providing our troops the tools, resources, and authority they need to win the War on Terror will continue to be a top priority for the 109th Congress.

In addition to advancing our national security, I have also worked to assure our economic prosperity. Earlier this year, we passed legislation to extend lower tax rates on capital gains and dividends and provide relief from the alternative minimum tax to millions of middle class tax payers. To address the high price of oil and gas, the Senate passed legislation to allow environmentally sensitive oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. In the long run, this will help to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and provide some much needed relief from high energy prices. By allowing hard-working Americans to keep more of their own money, we can ensure our economy continues to expand.

Finally, as Majority Leader, I have worked to ensure the 109th Congress debates important issues ranging from respect for Old Glory and the definition of marriage to the appropriate ethical boundaries of scientific research. I appreciate learning about your priorities and I look forward to an ambitious agenda as the business of the 109th Congress comes to a close.


William H. Frist, M.D.
Majority Leader
United States Senate

P.S. Please visit http://frist.senate.gov to register for my e-mail newsletter.