October 30th, 2006

weekend notes

First friday,

I played iron kingdoms for the first time and derrick ran it. He is new to running games for the most part but a good job. I like my character who personality wise resembles a slightly nicer version of Badger from Firefly. We have a small group and the vibe is good. It is nice facing the possibility of having a regular table top pc again. I really love running games but sometimes it is nice just to play.


Saturday went relatively well. I watched some things then ran my Eberron game. Let me say I do so love the Eberron setting. They have mystical technology in it and so as tempting as it is to think of it as just another D&D fantasy setting, but it is not. They have mystical telegraphs and lightening rail trains and flying ships not as wow thats odd but as a part of everyday living. The world is about as different from the other published D&D settings as star wars and star trek. The game saturday i think went well. The Players now have a real mad on for vampires between the events in Shadows of the Last War and Whisper of the Vampires Blade. They got close to the bad guy and got hurt pretty bad. They are fifth level at this point. i expect they will level at least once more before they are done. The module is written to have an action/adventure film feel to it with a chase after a bad man and road blocks along the way. Lara is the one who amuses me the most. She does the wont back down made woman with a sword to the nth degree. Everyone seems to have a place in the party and bounce off each other well.


So a funny thing happened to me. I woke up. I read my email. I got a shower and made my way to church. I got there and waited for services to start. And kept waiting. after about a half hour of people milling about I began to ask about what happened to the 11:15 service. Oh it was still on. I just forgot to set my clock back last night. I felt foolish.

I went to a NaNoWriMo launch party tonight as well. it was odd as they were mostly so young. Now I know I joke about the youngsters I am surrounded by, but common. At least one of them was freshman in high school. I have hobbies older than him. Sigh. Oh well. The start of Nano is on wensday. I have my novel mostly outlined and my characters are begining to form. I have most of the technical details established so I am ready. .... well as ready as I ever will be. I am shooting for 2000 words a day as with the holidays and such there will be days I miss. 50000 words is a loot to shoot for but I am going for it.

lastly I watched BSG and Doctor Who tonight. Doctor Who was in hokey episode mode so it was amusing. BSG, well BSG was harsh. Very harsh. I am not liking Kara in the latest string of episodes but every character gets a rough period so I am chalking it up to that. They need to cut her hair and get her back in a cockpit. She needs to get back to being bad ass. And the political comentaries are a bit more pronounced of late but they are well written at least.

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To my usual crew of gamers..

Would sunday be available for the game this coming weekend? Relay question to those who do not use the lj.