November 9th, 2006


So my reason for having a crappy day.

I woke up extra early today because the clock at my grandparents place had not been set back. That and staying up late means mccoy is lacking sleep.

When I woke I went to check my email. While online I talked to my roomy via IM. I find out our renat is going up by 30 bucks. Now this is not to say it is no longer cheap. 725 a month for a four bedroom split between four people is still pretty decent. But this after a couple of minor rent raises over the last 3 years is a trend my roomy and her beau who is another roomy dont like. I cant say I blame them in this. The rent raise goes into effect in january. It was explained to me that this MAY(not definate) cause at least two of my roomates to look for other housing arangements. I cant afford the 725 a month on my own on top of utilities. and my remaining roomy has not weighed in on this point so she may yet agree with the prevailing trend. I dont particularly want to move. I like the apartment and the people I live around. sigh. Obviously nothing is writen in stone but it has made for a bad start to the day. Combined with being sleep deprived has put me in a foul mood.

in other news I have decided to be republican today.

Why do you hate freedom?