November 14th, 2006


12:00 AM, 14-NOVEMBER-06
New Babylon 5 DVD Film Begins
Warner Home Video and Warner Brothers Television announced the start of production on Babylon 5: The Lost Tales, a made-for-video movie that will tell two new stories set in the B5 universe. WHV will be the home-entertainment distributor for the made-for-DVD release, which will include two new stories under the collective subtitle "Voices of the Dark" in one film, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

The stories will be written and directed by executive producer and Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski. Executive producer Doug Netter also returns in that role. Actors from the original series that have signed on to participate in the project include Bruce Boxleitner (President John Sheridan), Tracy Scoggins (Capt. Elizabeth Lochley) and Peter Woodward (Galen).

The Lost Tales picks up several years after the events of the original Babylon 5 TV series and follows several of its major characters in new adventures set against the backdrop of the B5 universe. The movie will be released sometime in 2007.