November 29th, 2006

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So recent discussions had started me thinking on comics. I have always been a bit of a comic geek. Not perhaps as bad as comic monkey but that is mainly due to not having the finances to keep up with all the comics I liked. So I have let a lot of my comic interest wane over the years to be carried through by reading someones comics lying around when I am at their place or an occassional trade paperback picked up.. That being said i recently have had my interest in comics back on a upswing. The primary reason for this has been a some good writing in both Marvel and DC.

On the DC side I have been enjoying 52. I think the premise and the excution on it are brilliant. It basically a fill in the gaps comic where they describe what happen in the year after infinite crisis. It features alot of sideline and second tier characters, but it ambitiously comes out once a week for the whole year. The many story lines it covers develop quickly and are rather intelligently written. You have a storyline involving the Question and Rennee Montonya investigating Intergang moving in on Gotham while Batman is away. They have a story involving Steel and Lexcorp selling superpowers to the masses. There is also stories involving the Kryptonian cult, heroes lost in space trying make it home, criminal geniuses being gathered under one roof, and Black Adam enacting his own form of justice in the middle east. It is a lot going on but they are all handled well. I have not enjoyed reading a mainstream comic quite as much in a long time.

On the Marvel side I have enjoyed the Civil War. I know there are some who dont like it because it is unclear who the heroes are but to be honest I think it is the best writing out of Marvel in years. The premise is that one day a bunch of young and hotheaded heroes who have cameraman following them for a reality show go in to try and catch some supervillains hold up in a small town in New England. Things go poorly. One of the villains is a guy named of all things Nitro. He blows up and reforms. Thats his power. He gets cornered by the group and goes up but good and takes out a school as well as half a nieghborhood. He also kills all but one of the superheroes. The public reaction leads to a a superhero registration act. Basically a law is created that says if you have powers or run around in tights you have to register with the goverment and get trained and monitored so that kind of thing does not happen again. I valid concern when you have heroes and villains running around that are practically walking weapons of mass destruction. Some superheroes hop on board like Iron Man. He makes himself available as a symbol of the registration and the muscle to make it work. Reed Richards are also becomes a strong supporter. Spiderman actually unmasks himself early on to show support for it. Those who sign up after all get to be sanctioned by the government and even get paid to do what they do. On the other hand you have the people who have strong objections to the manditory nautre of registration. They object to these people having their secret lives invaded and being made public and endangering their families. When Captain America is aproached by the government to bring down heroes who may resist. He decides not to help. It goes poorly when SHIELD tries to bring down Cap instead. The conflict being set up and both sides believing strongly in their points of view it makes for essentially a story line where mainly heroes fight heroes. It is complex and well thought out. It is simply the most interesting thing Marvel has done in years. The relevance to current political climate in america is solid and makes it more interesting.

Anyways I cant recomend enough tracking down and reading both lines. They are well worth the time.

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because I am on a comics kick today let me direct you to one of my favorite sites.

This is a small and constantly updated version of the official handbook of the marvel universe. done in a wikipedia style interface with links throughout the articles to still more articles it is fun to read how the comic characters are all linked together. It also has the marvel ultimate universe section of articles as well. The database sadly is not completed and is always being updated but that is sort of the fun too. by all means check it out if you are a marvel comics fan.


In case anyone thought I had forgotten. I owe laurie a work of art of some sort. I am putting her in the next podcast. Well I am at least putting someone resembling her in. I should have it out in a couple of weeks.

Just saying.