December 8th, 2006

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So here is my ramblings on a getting a computer decisions.

I, being a computer geek, have enough know how to assemble a computer from parts. I have turned a screw with the best of them. I can do that. It ends up being cheaper by a little bit to do that. if I do so though it will be only about a hundred bucks if that much. The truth is thee savings are not that great if you add in the software costs it may not be anything. REason being as near as I can tell is the major manufacturers get to buy in bulk and there for don't have to pay the same per unit cost I do on the parts I as a guy buying one at time pays. Now the software issue is okay. I have a spare copy of windows media center edition.

Now there is always the Dell option. My brother works for Dell and has offered to allow me to use his employee discount. This is a fairly significat savings but still the dell would be more expensive than my piecemill work. What it does offer though is a couple of things. First off a warranty so if it dies in the first year i get coverage. more importantly they also are offering a free upgrade to windows vista when it comes out. Vista premium edition will cost around 200 dollars last I heard. They also will be coming with other software items.

Whatever I get it is my desire to get a system that I wont need to upgrade for about five years not including video cards and memory which always need to get upgraded more often. I am looking for a dual core machine if I can get it. Baring that at least a 64bit processor. at least half a gig though I wouldprefer a full gig of memory. I willbe honest and say I also hope to9 have system enough to run Fallen Earth. I have so many friends working on it I want to play. I also am obviously looking at audio capability but so far most of the systems I have looked at come with at least some basic sound card intergrated. It is enough for most of my podcast work(though not as nice as i might like) and my voip program for calling my mom.

Anyways i will be making my decision over the next day or so on this. I should have the computer within a week of that. I could have it sooner but the overnight shipping is insane. I did concider getting it at a store and there are some deals out there but I have yet to see one better than the online prices.