December 13th, 2006


So I thought this is one of the more clever ideas I have seen. The idea is the indipendent film makers post a proposed film on their site. The general public gets to invest in the film. By investing you gain some inside look at the film. You help get the kind of films you want to see get made. And even earn a portion of the royalties. Meanwhile the indi film maker gets an influx in cash and potential distrobution outlet.

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Okay kids. I am a fan of audio drama as you are aware. Old radio shows are great and the new medium of podcasting has caused its rebirth. Now there are some original works out there. The Falcon Banner by Darker Project and Black Jack Justice by Decoder Ring theater are two pretty good ones I listen to often. I recomend them to everyone who might be interested in full audio produced dramas.

Lately I have taken to listen to some fan productions though. This is like fan fic but done as radio plays. There is as with all things variable quality. One that have been inpressed with is Pendant Productions. They have a batman, wonder woman, and superman shows for the comic book end. And a star trek and indiana jones shows as well. All of which have full casts and sound effects and are pretty well done. Add in the writing is pretty solid and I have really liked them. They also have open casting calls. I am going to try out for a character on the Batman production.

this is the audition note:

MISTER ZSASZ - Adult male.
This Arkham Asylum escapee kills indiscriminately, etching a line into
his flesh every time he takes a life. You may remember him from his
brief appearance in Batman Begins. Not a nice fellow at all. In love
with the sound of his own voice.

They actually try and relate things to events in the comics but dont seem to be writing them up to date. For instance they referrence Hush but they dont referrence Infinity Crisis or one year after story lines. Anyways thought I would share with all my pals.

Question. How many of you even listen to podcasts? I know some listen to mine(which makes me happy everytime). I was interested to see if anyone listens to any other podcasts.


Peter Boyle was easily one of the funniest and most talented actors. It is always sad when someone who makes others laugh dies.

Peter Boyle, the veteran actor who played a tap-dancing monster in Young Frankenstein, has died, the Associated Press reported. He was 71. Boyle died Dec. 12 at New York Presbyterian Hospital. He had been suffering from multiple myeloma and heart disease, his publicist, Jennifer Plante, told the AP.

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