December 14th, 2006

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So how do you feel about character death?

So in my Eberron game last weekend a couple of pc's closed to mellee with a vampire got drained in the process. They were hurting him only a little(at least compared to what they do to folks without DR). At one point they had both been hit twice and lost 4 levels.that meant one of them was at effectively first level. If he got hit again he was going to be killed and rise as a vampire. he was advised that chances are he would not survive if he kept it up and he withdrew. This has propmpted me to ask if in the small enviroment of a table top game does the death of a character mean that you would stop the campaign or continue with a new character? How about if half the party dies? Does having a tabletop character die bother you? Larp characters are a different critter because you become more involved with them(most of the time). I was wondering what people thought about dead characters in a tabletop.

Note: I would Realy like to here from my players on this as well.