January 2nd, 2007

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New years.

Happy new years to all. I was having sort of a relaxing new years this year. Instead of hard partying I sat at home and watched movies with a few friends and dranks some good scotch. While I feel bad cause I am afraid friends who had parties in atlanta or in ktown would think I was slighting them(which was not the case), I have to admit this was a good way to experience new years eve.

My new years resolution this year is to get control of my weight and clean up some of my stories and start submitting them for publication. The cleaning up stories will take time but is definately a project I will finish. As to the getting control of my weight the plan is to eat out no more than 4 times a month, work out at the gym, and keep my calorie intake relatively low. So far I am doing okay. Yesterday hit the gym for 20 minutes of cycle time. I would have done more but felt really bad. Note to self dont go to gym before eating anything all day. I ate my grandmothersblack eyed peas and did some laundry but not till after. I have laid in some food in the fridge that should get me through for a while. No eating out for a while. I may try and go all month with out but that is not writen in stone.

Over the long weekend I got experience why Wow can be fun. I got to run around with a bunch of people relatively the same level as me and we were talking on skype in a conference while we did it so I did not have to worry about typing tells while we did it. I hate typing tells as I am not good at it. While doing other things with the mouse and keyboard sending messages for me is difficult and I have a hard time sending information to people much less have a good conversation. Having the real time voice chat going at the time helps alot in my enjoyment. This is not to say I cant enjoy the game with out it but it is much more fun with. I will probably be on tonight on whisperwind for a while after I get in from the gym.

The podcast is mostly done. I will start recording I think this week(yes I know I have said this before). So I also had an idea to add an interview to the feed. Lee do you think you would be up for interview? or Brandes how about you? I can do it through skype. There is a program that will allow you to record skype conversations. Just an idea.