January 7th, 2007

from yesterday

Okay I expected more but as i enter in what I actually ate I have agree this is close to what it should be calorie count yesterday. I ate out yesterday at ryans with adam and lara. It is one of my 4 eat outs for the month so not terribly concerned.

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and on to other things

One, On my moving issues. The decision is made. I am moving in with my grandparents again for a few months. it is a good way to build up some funds and allows for other possibilities. It is not a long term arrangement but is a solid good idea. It also means I will not be locked in to a lease while looking at what might be available job wise. I have been where I am at for 3 years but if a really good alternative materialized I might consider a change of venue. Take that as you will. I will say that I will not be changing jobs unless something significantly better than where I am at.

Next, I got cast in the roll on an original audiodrama called Umket Industries Presents: The Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater! I will be playing a character named Archibald and I auditioned for the roll and got it. No I am not getting paid but it should be fun. Also should be good experience. The show is a old radio style serial about a squadron of pilots during world war two flying experimental craft. Think the world war two comic Blackhawk for those who know who that is.

I should have the principal recording done for my podcast done tonight. Woohoo.

I also ended up joining a couple of guilds on a couple of servers on wow.

Hmm that is most everything.