January 12th, 2007

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So.... I am slack

I thought I would end up having to do the majority of moving myself this weekend as there would not be a truck till monday, but things have changed. the lovely stagefreaky has a truck and I had forgotten that fact till late in this week and she has agreed to help move some things. Anyone interested in showing up and help moving on saturday afternoon and possibly sunday will be appreciated and fed.

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they have blocked all web based email sites at work this morning. I cant describe how much that iritates me. So anyway my responces to emaill be slower than usual. I can still see it on my breaks. We will see how long this restriction lasts in face of supervisers thowing a fit.


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So I am thinking of goals. This is sort of like resolutions except more of a set of things I want to meet.

Goals in weight loss.
winthin a month from now I want to be down a size in pants
Within three months I want to be down 2
within the year i want to be down to a 50 inch waist.

yes I know they are a bit humble on the goals but better that than ones I dont meet and get annoyed at.

On the writing front
I want to write and record 8 original podcasts this year.
I will three complete short stories this year.
I will clean up an existing story a month and submit at least one for publication once a month starting in febuary.
Write at least one essay or articul a month even if I dont get those published anywhere other than my blog.

on the job front.
Make it into a middle management position somewhere or get paid to do something I love. Either is fine.
Make at least a dollar more an hour by the end of the year.

Those are my goals. We will check next year and see how far I get.