January 16th, 2007

for those wondering.

Moving is now done. Not everything went they way I wanted but meh. Thanks greatly to all my friends who helped me out and especially to stagefreaky who provided truck help to move the big things. I am still unloading things and putting things correctly in their places. I am glad I took the day off.

Went to go see Curse of the Golden Flower on Sunday. I was taking stagefreaky as her birthday present. I will say while there are some wonderful elements to it I will over all not recommend it to folks. Visually it is lovely. The actors are great. The story however is a tangled and squalid mess. There is a moment also where you will realize what the tang dynasty and trailer trash have in common. Those who have seen it will know what i mean. But as i said it is visually stunning and i certainly don't regret seeing it.

back to work tomorrow. sigh.

I have a nice place here staying at grandma's place. I live in the basement and in many ways it is like having an apartment all to myself, but if i want a home cooked meal I just have to show up. Also it is a lot closer to work so less gas.

Tomorrows projects after work are as follows.

Finish putting things away.
Record my freakin lines.

oh well thats my weekend update.

okay I admit it I love torchwood now.

"the average life is filled with near misses and absolute hits. Of great love and small disasters.
Its made up of banana milkshakes,loft insulation, and random little shoes.
its dead ordinary and truely, truely amazing.

What you have got to relize is it is all here now. so breath deep and swollow it whole. Cause take it from me, life just wizzes by and then all of sudden its...."

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I have had my fourth meal out for the month now. sigh. other than that I am good. I need to pick up some good salad makings this weekend. I realize it is not ideal to add things like blue cheese crumbles and a good dressing to the salad but it makes them more of a meal into themselves.

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