January 18th, 2007

(no subject)

So I recorded one episodes worth of lines for Dixie stenberg episode 10. I have a nother set due in febuary but I may go ahead and record them this weekend. I am thinking of doing an interview with Lee for radio free eos sometime in the next two weeks. Lee if you can think of a good time for you? perhaps on the weekend?

I have tried out for the role of Mr. Freeze and Steeljacket in the batman adio drama I listen to and tried out for another part as well in a new one which I suspect will be night wing related.

May get a new mic some time in the future as the head set has limited quality. If I am going to step up to the next level of doing this I may need one.

(no subject)

I am irritated I will miss the first quarter of smallville tonight. It is their Justice league episode tonight. grumble.

I simply must cannibalize my gear and put together a myth tv box.