January 26th, 2007

cause sometimes all you need is some ELO

two things

Saturday Eberron game at around 3 to 3:30. be there or be square. The same bat channel unless something Adam and lara have something that has come up recently to inhibit.

On my podcast, I am thinking of evolving it some. I am enjoying the radio free eos format but I cant produce enough material regularly to just do that. I am thinking of opening it up some The first thing is interviewing lee and brandis and maybe justin jacobson on the development of the game. But i am seriously thinking of making it a regular gaming podcast. I will be keeping radio free eos as a regular feature released on the feed and doing reviews of games and giving some ideas for gaming both table top and larping and maybe even some computer gaming. Anyways to those folks who have listened to my stuff, would anyone be interested in that? It would have a broader appeal I think and therefor would get more listeners. It is what I am thinking about at any rate.