January 27th, 2007

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Not much new here. I will weigh in on saturday night and make saturday my weigh in night from then on. Occasionally I feel a strong desire to get a pizza and eat till I am full. Or ribs. I know i can have those thing in moderation but right now i am still in craving a pig out mode so i will avoid. I may try to eat a slice of pizza and thats all if possible. Maybe two. But I am certainly not going to order a pizza any time soon. I am still trying to figure out what i am going to do about food at game time. Normally i would get some junk to much on and then go grab some fast food. That is not a good idea. So I am thinking of taking some carrots as my munchy food and I dont know what i will do for dinner. MAybe take a microwave meal? I dont know.

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So I am of course going to talk about new media cause its what I do.

I am of course a big fan of the podcasts. I listen to quite a few and while there are other platforms for getting them, the easiest and most common is iTunes podcast tab. You can look for them, subscribe, and listen all in one program. There are other programs for collecting the podcasts from rss feeds ranging from separate programs(I recommend Juice), websites(digg.com and yahoo.com have good listings and you can listen there), and even just subscribing to rss in your browser using the little orange symbol next to the address bar. I use itunes for its ease of use and its integration with my iPod.

The thing is it is not the best platform for the video podcasts unless you have a video iPod. It does not suck but I have found it lacking. For my bet I am going to recommend Democracy Player. This is a an open source program that will collect and show the video podcasts you enjoy. My favorites right now are CommandN (a tech show out of Toronto), DL.TV(a tech show out of San Fransisco), Hak.5(a tech show out of North Carolina) and Galacticast(which is a scifi oriented comedy spoof show). What iTunes is better at is the for pay content. You can buy movies, music, and tv shows and watch them through iTunes but i don't do that much. I like some of the newer content coming out in the independent corners. As you can guess right now alot of them are geek oriented, but that will change as more and more people do it. Ctrl-Alt-Chicken is actually a cooking show.

Now of course you can get the video directly from the websites. If your interested for instance in catching lost or just about any cbs show you can watch it on their respective network sites. Scifi was putting episodes of many of their shows on their websites as well and pretty much that is how i watched all of So you want to be a superhero. Yes it means sitting in front of your tv right now but their are a lot of new devices coming out to stream video from your computer to your tv via your in house network so sitting in the living room and watching a show you are streaming from the website or downloaded from iTunes will be a very real possibility for people soon. This is one of the things I find exciting about the new media thing. Slowly they will change how tv is delivered and viewed.

Another new thing i want to try but have not gotten in on yet is Joost. It is still in invitation only beta at the moment but it has absolutely brilliant ideas how to deliver media from the things I have seen. It is being released by the folks who came up with skype so it is good stuff.