January 31st, 2007

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So yesterdays exercise was bench presses at 130 lbs, tricep machine at 70 lbs, crunches 40 at a 80 lbs, walking for a mile, and finally 15 minutes on the exercycle. Today I did less well I did the crunches and got about half a mile into the walking when my knee started hurting. As I have to walk for roughly 4 hours I decided to stop. I will be going back to the gym Saturday. The getting up in the morning on my early at work days to go to the gym before work is not going to happen as I have to get up at 6 to do it and I am not likely to do that.

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There appears to be some progress on five kingdoms stuff. I still need to go down and have face to face meetings soon. Really how do you design a world and make it work. Especially if you have 3 or 4 gods working on it. Personally I like the fjords.

I am interviewing Lee friday night about Dawning Star. I need to bug Brandes and Justin about the possibility of interviewing them in the future as well. I will be using Skype for the phone call and recording so it should be good.

I am finally tired of not having a coat so I am thinking of buying one this weekend. The kind of coats i want though will run me 100 or more but they should last me for quite some time. I am also getting some new pants this weekend I think. I have taken my belt in by three notches so i think I can get a size smaller pants.

work is eating my head lately. That and all the other projects make me feel like I dont have time for anything any more. Oh well frazzled could be worse i suppose.

Eberron saturday kids. Having avoided death at the jaws of a dire shark, our intrepid heroes reach Stormsreach on their chase to stop the Emerald Claw and foil their plans in the jungles of Xen'drik.