February 4th, 2007


So I have a new episode up of Radio Free Eos. This is a different format. It is an interview with Lee Hammoc about writing the game. The interview was done via skype and drops out some in spots. I have cleaned it up some though and is easily listened to. Go and listen. Invite your friends.


Also in the process of getting this up I discovered I have a problem with my wireless connection the router.  it did not want to upload my files to the site.  I ended up sending the  file  to  libsyn from another computer in the house.  I will see what i can do to improve the signal quality. If that does not work I will run another ethernet cord but the router is upstairs so I want to avoid that.

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and before i crash for the night. I weighed in tonight at 389 lbs tonight. Thats 8 pounds this week. Again there is a fluctuation but still it is a good trend. The calories on the sandwich reflect the foot long rather than a 6". You got to love subway for just having good low calorie fast food options. They are not great. No fast food is great but they are good. And i get more food with less calories than say a burger at BK. Also today I bought myself a pair of pants that are 56 inch rather than 58's I have been in for a couple of years now.

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And now finally i sleep.