February 19th, 2007

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The weekend was odd. I drove down to atlanta on saturday. Before I left I did weigh in and was at 383 which means I lost 30 lbs since the begining of the year. The drive went fine. I had the ipod hooked to the fm transmitter and listed to an audio book on the way. I made okay time and good gas milage. I went to see ghost rider on saturday. It was a fun movie a bit painful for the serious film buff. Sam Elliot cowboy voice overs do make any fikm better. I am just saying. If there were ever a Deadlands film he should be in it.

Saturday night I did go to a nice sort of get together with some friends and said hi to folks. As I did not have alot of warning I was going to have the whole weekend for the trip I became the surprise guest and it was nice to see everyone. I miss my friends in atlanta and I dont get to see them near enough.

Sunday I went to a 5 kingdoms meeting. I will still be providing help to 5 kingdoms and did hopefully help out at the meeting. I am backing off a bit though for various reasons mainly doing with me. I also agreed to help out on Eclipse which means much writing goodness. Also looking at possibly using my podcasting skills for Eclipse in the near future. I have idea's there that could be fun to do.