February 26th, 2007

(no subject)

Other than the diet side the weekend went well. Seeing friends and doing the gestalt game that Adam runs. It is tremendously satisfying to be the big damn heroes sometimes and that what we have here. I got a little wish and miracle happy but they were well placed I think. Sadly we only play it once every 6 months or so. I feel like my character has not ever really seriously thrown down yet. All in all Adam runs a good game. I am slo not as young as I once was. Staying up to the wee hours of the morning is not as easy for me as it once was.

It was nice just hanging with V and J. I dont get to see them near enough. Why cant we get someone to perfect the teleport booths so I can just go see my atlanta homies more often. We talked much gaming stuff. Lets face it most of my friends are gaming people. We talk gaming as it is a common denominator.

Speaking of which, I believe this weekend should be okay for Eberron finale. Can anyone think of a reason why it would not? Our intrepid heroes get to face the forces of the Emerald Claw in the ancient and mysterious temple. Will they stop Garrow before he sets off a problem that could cause problems the world over?

I am also gearing up fo the Avatar game I will be running. One thing I need to resolve is the few players who have not seen the show. Which at this point is only a couple I think. I want to keep it generally in the flavor of the show so I will have to restrain a fair ammount of my darker themes i often run with.

Another project being worked on is the cleaning up my module for a certain larp. I will have a new and revised version done this week. I think thats about all I will say on that.

I have the interview with Justin Jacobson tommorrow night depending on if he is busy with his kid being born or not. If he is not it could be an interesting interview. My other podcast has principle recording done and all I need to to do is add opening and closing music. I am going to try and have one of those about every two weeks.

On the subject of larps, I have been thinking on Eclipse alot and I have some ideas I wanted to put in since Jason asked for me help out. I need to get his phone number I guess and just call him. I am excited about the potential for the game.

On other larp fronts I am looking at kg and trying to figure ir out before hand. I have been told to wait till I seethe new direction of the game to figure out if I am bring in the new character or playing Piotyr. The real question I have rolling in my mind is will I have a reason for piotyr in the new game. He has reached almost all of his goals in play. I dont want to do with him what I did with Saul which was continue just linger on with nothing to do. I can gain more power but that is not really the same thing as having a reason. on The other side i like playing extreme personalities and i have not in a long time. Piotyr I guess in some respects is harder to think on right now because he is laid back. He is a stable and normal guy for the most part and I guess I am afraid if I dont have something to do he will be kind of boring to play. Bah. That is all meaningless spectualation untill after the aprill event where I can actually see what is going on. I may look at it and go okay i get it now and am excited again about playing him. Still I cant help thinking about such things.