March 12th, 2007

for the job front.

So did my presentation. I am still a bit on the adrenalin high. The first thing was at least one of the execs I was doing the demo for had forgotten what time the demo was. He had to be roused and brought in to the room. Then there was the need for equipment issues. The computer would not accept my usb drive so the power point is not available. I luckily made print copies of the slides. Then I had to get an easel to put my displays. Oh well tech problems aside I think it went well.

I began talking and just kept in mind the following phrase. The job is mine I just have to tell them. I used all my displays and the white board. I talked to them and relayed all the information. The audience was deliberately passive so as to just judge how I work. I think maybe my tone was a bit higher than normal but all in all I covered all the material and tried to work in questions into the presentation. I made a point of making eye contact from time to time and did move around the room a lot to shift focus. I used my microphones for visual aids.

I will find out later this week if I got the job. I hope anyway. They said Thursday but bureaucracies are notorious for their lack of timely responses. They need to announce soon though cause we are ramping up on two different contracts right now and we need trainers around here.

Oh well more is coming as I learn more.