March 28th, 2007

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exercise today was good> ipushed really hard during the eliptical crosstrainer part this time but ended up with a cramp in my calf during the walking so had to cut it short. I will stretch it out tonight after work I guess.

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So I am going to see a coworkers performance friday night. They are in a variety show at the Black Box theater here in Knoxville. I am fond of live performances and this one is apparently like the old style radio variety shows. I am really kind of excited to see it.

I am looking to see more theater this year. I will be going to see A Flea In Her Ear in april I believe cause stagefreaky is working on it and it sounded amusing on the little I heard about it.

I am not sure what else I may go but I kind of miss live theater. Movies are good and everyone knows I love them but it is not the same thing as live theater.

oh well.

I also need to find a good blues club in there area.