April 1st, 2007

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I am a podcaster. I also listen to podcasts. One of my favorite sets features Michael and Evo and their cadre of friends. One of which is Joe Murphy. The man was possessed of a singular and sardonic wit. He made me laugh and smile on a number of occasions. He had an intelligent outlook on the geeky subjects that I and many of my compatriots take seriously on occasion. I am not one of the fortunate souls to have been close to the man. I write in the past tense because this fine man died today of cancer. This makes me sad as there are not enough people in the world to make you smile. It is a sad day for many of the podcasters i respect as in many respects the man was involved with everyone. I do not normally shed a tear for someone I do not really know but today I shed a tear for him. I raise a glass and salute a good man who has passed from this world. Whether you knew of the man or not I say raise a glass to Joe Murphy. May Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest.

to give you an idea of how loved he was look at this link.