April 27th, 2007

(no subject)

So I am nervous. Eclipse while not my baby is the first time helping on the plot of a full contact larp and we will be running for a bunch of people I have played and had run games for me for years. I hope people will enjoy the game in general and my contributions to it. I wonder if any of my larp running buddies have any advise?

That set of nerves aside I am looking forward to some of the stuff we are doing. We have a plan and it covers the story archs for next several years. We are doing a scifi game and it is beginning to shape up having some very scifi elements to it. I love the majority of the character concepts we have recieved. I am trying to see how they will fit in to our storylines. I try to picture them in my head.

We are all also a incredibly eclectic mix of minds as far as the plot committee. We all bring something different to the table.

I now return to work eating my brain.