May 8th, 2007

thoughts on other places.

So of late I have been in the Atlanta area a lot more lately. Just a series of things hitting all at once. I am also having yet another close friend moving down there. In all of this the subject of me moving back has been brought more than a few times.

I love Atlanta I do. I mainly miss all my friends who live down there. I enjoyed many aspects of my life down there. There are some though I did not. I was not terribly fond of being broke all the time. I came down in odd circumstances and I never recovered from the fact I did it with little or no financial cushion. When I lost my job at Earthlink I had nothing to fall back on.

Also the whole time I was there I also always felt a little off. I think that is due to the fact that the Tennessee valley has always been home to me. It is something in my bones. I feel at home here.

That said I have put in some thought to what would bring me to Atlanta or possibly Raleigh or anywhere other than where I am at right now. The real thing is it would have to be a good job. I would not think about unless it was a salaried position with at least mid 20's range. I may look at something a little less if it is something I would really love like working on something creative for a change. The other thing I would need is a place to be for a while as I get established. That is pretty much the requirements before I would look at moving from the Knoxville area.

I don't expect anything like that to pop up anytime soon so I am here in Tennessee for the duration. While I miss those of you scattered around I have to be practical about things and be comfortable with where I am.