May 16th, 2007

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No visit to the gym this morning. The swelling on my leg has reduced but has not completely cone away. It is still read and feels warm to the touch and is sore. I have called and i have an appointment at the doctor for 2. I am not letting this one get away from me like it did the time it made me uber sick.

and here are my calorie counts.

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A bit of an update.

So I got checked out at the doctor today. There are no blood clots. It looks like I get to keep the leg, so i will have to wait on the chromed out replacement. I will be doing a run of antibiotics for about a week and go back to the doctor. When I go back I think they plan on sending me to a podiatrist for my feet problems. Which of course is more co payments to pay but hey i I do need to see one and should have seen one years ago as people who have seen my feet can attest. The doc did say not to to do anything that will keep me on my feet much or walking or causing impact to my legs which means the workouts I have been doing are out for the most part. Oh well I can still upper body strength training stuff and crunches. I doubt I can stretch that to an hour but hey every little bit helps. Anyone know any cardio exercises that don't involve the legs? Oh well it is only a week.

I am off to do some recording tonight followed by studying up on my a+ stuff to refresh my knowledge. nothing to see here. Move along!