May 24th, 2007

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So not surprisingly I am an Audible subscriber. I love a good audiobook and listen to them when I am driving along with the numerous podcasts. I get a free audiobook a month from Audible and I get discounts on the books in their library. I recently downloaded I, Jedi by Michael Stackpole. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the star wars novels and their audiobooks. The star wars universe is a fun playground to begin with. Sadly not all of the writers who wrote in it are stellar, but most are pretty good. The audiobooks for them are great as they have full music as well as sound effects in many cases. They are usually a good listen with excellent voices doing the narration.

So here is my thing. Audible has a fairly complete library of the star wars audio collection. I am thinking of listening to all of the Expanded Universe titles I have not read over the next year. I will finish the New Jedi order and go from there I think. But first I return to I, Jedi. Does anyone have any favorites in the expanded universe novels?