June 11th, 2007

say buddy can you spare

So I had a good weekend overall. Got to spend time with friends and that is always nice. I did have some coordination issues. My inability to call people on the fly and inability to be contacted on the fly had hurt my ability to meet up with friends. This is not the first time this sort of issue has come up. This has led me to reconsider my policy of not owning a cell phone. I don’t generally like the thought of cell phones. They seem to be one more separation from genuine interaction. They seem to be an anchor to the communication levels this world seems to demand now. I occasionally like to be alone and not bothered. That being said I have reevaluated my policy on this. Sometimes I need the capability. More and more it seems the case.

The first thing most people bring up is the prepay phones. I have owned a total of three of these over the years. They were either a perk from a job or an emergency contact thing where I picked up one when a family member was in the hospital. The first two were Virgin mobile phones and they never worked. The Go phone I picked up as an emergency thing worked for what it was worth but I let the time run out on it and had no way to call anyone. At that point I through up my hands said bah who needs them.

Now I am looking at maybe getting a cell phone. I am interested in what peoples experiences were and what you might recommend. I would love to be able to afford the iPhone but that’s not happening. Anyone got any feelings one way or another?

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