June 12th, 2007

update on life

On the weight loss front, I have hovered at the same weight range for a bit now. I am going to try and refocus on that front. I am posting everyday this week my totals again. I am working out over an hour everyday. I am doing 4 miles on the inclined bike, 15 minutes on the elliptical cross trainer, and a mile on the treadmill. I am also doing crunches on the crunch machine and variable strength training mainly on arms and shoulders and chest. They are also doing a biggest looser contest at work with prize give aways and the like. I am participating but I picked on them a bit about not starting in January.

On the cell phone front, I am looking at getting a prepay phone on the next paycheck. The advice based on the fact I am not apt to use it much makes it a better option. The technogeek in me wants something with all the bells and whistles. I could easily see me getting into a treo or blackberry, but I don’t use a phone enough to warrant that. On the other hand my grandmother has a she must help out instinct, so she is making noises of paying to get me a proper monthly fee contract cellphone.

On the gaming front, I think we have a week or two before the next tabletop game I am running. On the larp side I wrote up a new character history for a character at Kings Gate. I am still playing Piotyr. I just want to change things up some and in the Dechaine setting(i.e. Homeskep) I will be playing Hugo. I will continue to play Piotyr until I feel like I have reached a good stopping point or he dies, so I hope to play Piotyr for sometime yet. I just wanted a more swashbuckler character and Hugo is definitely more in that vein. As to eclipse I have a writing project I should be done with the outline on this weekend. I am suffering some writers block on this.

On the podcast front, I have all my outstanding audio drama lines in. I need to put out some more auditions. The Basics of The Game is chugging along and I am developing a listener base of just shy of a 100. It makes me happy. I will have a new review done soon. I keep wanting to come back to Radio Free Eos. It has been to long since I put one up.

On other less direct front. I am studying for a+ exam an hour a day. I hope to feel ready for the exam proper at the end of the month.

That’s it for now.