June 29th, 2007

from Scott Sigler on twitter, this amused me.


Venezualian/Russian combined forces have landed. Columbian druglord snipers holding them off, trying to protect main consumers: Americans. 5 minutes ago from the web

With Friends Previous Hiding in dumpster. Half-eaten Baby Ruth stuck to shirt. Mexican army here to protect countrymen, battling Canuks. iPhone war escalating ... 10 minutes ago from web

Canadians want ALL iPhones, taking by force. Cluster bombs falling, can't move. Fire & Dead geeks as far as the eye can see. Goddamn iPhone! 14 minutes ago from web

Apple store update: National Guard units all in Iraq, we're defenseless. Canadian armor units moving in. Body count: 512, more missing. 16 minutes ago from web

Mortar round just hit the blogger tent. Scoble is missing. Unmarked helicopters circling. Roads clogged with dead & wounded. 21 minutes ago from web

Violence spreading. Apple hired Blackwater security, they r trading fire with Palo Alto police. Apple store on fire. Chaos spreading ... 25 minutes ago from web

It's geek-on-geek violence. Two dead for sure, possibly three. Riot police are moving in, hard to Twitter through all the tear gas ... 29 minutes ago from web

Full-on riot at Palo Alto Apple store, because I cut in front of some guy who camped out for 2 days. Twittering from an alley. Lost a tooth. 33 minutes ago from web
I just cut in line at the Apple Store. Geek fight ensued ... about 1 hour ago from web