July 5th, 2007


So as to transformers, this movie did not disappoint. Visually this was a stunning film and the characters were both familiar and fun. Yes there were some story issues and it did look like there were some scenes left out that explained some of the behavior of people in the film, however if I hear someone dis this film for plot holes I may stab them in the eye with my dick. Sometimes the point of the film is to turn off and just enjoy the ride and this film was an amazingly fun ride. As a side note, the female lead is from Oak Ridge Tennessee originally. That amuses me.

Last night I went to the local books a million to do some writing for Eclipse. I found it easier to do some writing when I was away from the internet. I am not sure why that is. I guess the internet is to tempting a distraction sometimes, but at least my writers block seems to have lifted. I will have the majority of that writing project done I think by the end of next week. The podcast should be written this weekend. I will be doing a review of Eberron as per a suggestion from a listener.

Finances are no fun. I am building my savings back up. I am working some extra hours during the week. It does not help they schedule me for less than 40 hours a week as is. I need more money damn it. I need to feel like I have something more than a job but that is a work in progress.

a dream

So I had this dream. It was tremendously surreal. I was in London in a flat. As I have never been in a flat in London in my life this struck me as odd. There was a strange sence I had been told stories of this place but I could not remember them. There were people there. They were intensely beautiful and equally alien and strange. They felt like I should know them as well and as I looked and spoke with them I felt like I was not seeing all of them. When they spoke to me they would say things that were profound and insightful one minute and then they would talk as if I was not there the next. I eventually found a window that opened into another world and there were branches of a tree all around the flat and no ground beneath it. I went out the window and found the people and found they were normal enough people but seeing them projected into my world made them appear more beautiful and strange. I knew the people but I cant say who they were now. They are not people I actually know in the real world but in the dream I was as familiar with them as I was with many of my friends. I led them to other windows, which led to their proper places, and I went back to my window, which opened, on the London flat. I cant say why I know it was a London flat I just did. I am not sure why I remembered this dream so vividly but I think there may be a story in it.