July 6th, 2007

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So I am a bit of tech junky. I love my blogging and social networking sites. Well sort of.

My first one was Livejournal.com and it is still my favorite. It is the right mix of blogging tool and social networking in my mind. I can keep up with the vents of my friends and it really is built on the notion of sharing your blog with friends. It is not as feature rich and open as some networks but it really does fulfill my primary needs with it.

Myspace on the other hand is a train wreck. The site is poorly designed and difficult to navigate. It is relatively easy to customize but it is almost too easy. Navigating the site is hell filled with automatically playing video and audio files. I have an account but I almost never use it.

Facebook.com is a better implemented myspace. It has the solid social networking and it is easy to add friend and find links. It has a number of apps you can add to your facebook profile but it is not so media laden as myspace. I have one and I like it but its lack of really good blogging tool makes it limited to me. It is a good way to network though so I do check it once or twice a day.

Twitter.com is a microblog. You are limited to 140 characters on your posts so they are by nature brief. It is designed to be posted from Instant Messenger, cellphone SMS, or the website. It is for brief posts about what you are doing at the moment mainly. It is sort of authorized cyberstalking. Most of my friends on this are my fellow podcasters and I enjoy it. It is not enough to satisfy my desire to share stuff and get in depth on things but it is a nice little thing that is curiously addictive.

Pownce.com is the new one and it is by invitation only. It is kind of like twitter in interface but it has much more. For one thing you can reply to specific comments directly which you cant in twitter. You also are not limited in post size. You can share events with people so in so doing you can invite them to things like concerts or parties and the like. You can also share a file with people. On the free account it is limited to 10 megs per file but you can go up to 100 megs if you pay for the upgrade. You can also share links with people in a more intergrated way. I really like Pownce and if I had more people using it I would use it more frequently. As it is I share some music pretty regularly on it and will be checking it at least a couple of times daily.

Livejournal though is still my primary networking and blogging site. I have been on livejournal since 2002 and plan on staying on it for a long time. None of the other sites really match it for what I want from livejournal. Almost all my friends are here and as far flung as my family and friends are it is nice to get occasional updates from folks telling me how they are doing and sharing things I have going on even just in my mind with them.