July 17th, 2007

game stuff

So I wrapped up the major Eberron story line this last weekend. The heroes foiled The Lord of Blades plans to become a god though not in the manner I expected. The villain got away and in the end no one died. At the end though a couple of people had expressed an interest in retiring their characters and making new ones. I would be sad to see the characters go but I can understand wanting to try out new ideas. Nothing firm has been said one way or another as of yet though.

Where I am at this point is I have dropped about a dozen little hooks to take the can take the game in different directions. The question I have is what direction would people like to go in? They certainly have enough loose ends that could lead to dungeon crawls if people would like. There is some thick political stuff left to do. There is a threat of another war looming. The pc’s have plenty of threats still in Sharn or they could go back to the Mournlands or Xendric or maybe go someplace completely new. Maybe it might be fun to have the next story line have nothing to do with the previous ones except in the loosest sense. If you’re a player tell me what you think. If your not playing give me what suggestions you have. Personally I like having a balance of politics and action, but I am not the player. Maybe I could step back and let Reese run a game for a while or we could switch out every so often. Oh well suggestions welcome.