August 5th, 2007

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So ummm I put a deposit on a new place. I will be moving in two weeks. I found an okay apartment here in oak ridge. It feels more like a cave or bomb shelter with painted over cinder block walls and relatively low ceilings. 700 square feet and three bedrooms for 450 a month and that includes utilities. It has lots of storage spaces secreted away. Good deal all told. It is no palace but it is acceptable.

So here is the part where I tell you I am going to need as much help as possible. Specifically I will need a truck as well as some strong backs. last time I moved it took all of two trips with a pick up truck to carry all the large items. The moving in will interesting as it involves removing a window to push some of the furniture in. I can promise food and drink to those who come and help as well as my undying gratitude.