August 13th, 2007

good news

So the final list of Parsec awards nominees is out. The Parsecs are awards for excellence in podcasted speculative fiction and related podcasts. Some of my favorites made it on the list. Sadly Dixie Stenberg did not make it, but the group I have been working with has two other shows up as nominees. Batman: The Ace of Detectives and Indiana Jones and the Well of Life are both up for Best Audio Drama short form. Pendant Productions getting 2 out of the 5 noms is really good. Congratulations to the gang on that.

oh well off to work.

(no subject)

Happy Birthday [Bad username: gainax_boy]! I didn’t get you anything but I am glad to say happy birthday. Hope you have a good one.

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so I just had an interview for a coach track position. I suspect I blew it. They kept asking for experiences that were manager like and all of the ones I had did not happen at this company. Grumble.