August 14th, 2007


So when I move into the new place I may have limited internet access for a while I can afford to move in this weekend. I don’t think I will be able to afford to do that and get my cable internet hooked up at the same time. My connection may be up in about two to 4 weeks though. Me without internet though is not a pretty picture. It is my primary means to connect with people. If I come back a bit crazy that’s why.

It will be nice returning to cooking for myself. I have not had to do so for a while and it will be nice to return to it actually. I have my own taste in food and not everyone shares it. I am getting tired of nukable meals for lunch and such. Any one got any suggestions for food that is :
a) Cheap
b) Tasty and spicy
c) Not to bad on a diet
d) Can be frozen or refrigerated in individual servings to be taken to work.
e) Preferably involving meat.

I am trying to keep my mood up but I do have my depressive bouts. I constantly feel unsteady or unsettled. Working on the dead end feeling.

The progress of packing is slow but steady. I am making sure the things I need clear to move them is packed up first. To be honest I can store minor things at my grandparents and move them at my leisure. The big things need to be moved in a large vehicle. I really need a pick up truck to get the couch, chairs, book shelf, chest of drawers, and other large objects moved. Once those are in things will be good.

On my detective story I still don’t have a name. A good story needs a good name. Oh well I plan on the humble goal of 25000 words by dragoncon.

I need to write some more plot stuff for Eclipse before then as well. I have to finish up the culture packet among other things.

In other news I had an agent at work if a customer in New Mexico counted as international. Sigh.


Seems like I have a truck lined up for Saturday. Should be starting at noon with the moving. Sadly Gary and Darcy are are moving as well that day. Luckily the way i have things planned out the moving should only take a couple of hours cause i am only moving the big stuff. Mine should be done by 3 in principal. I will gladly offer my aid to Gary and Darcy as well assuming I don't cripple myself. I will get food for those who come to help out on the move.