August 20th, 2007

random update thingy.....

I only got about 700 words into Jackson James last night and did not feel it was ready to be posted so I will post it next sunday with whatever else I write this week. I am going to continue being the greater unslept as I continue getting the new place arranged and work gads of overtime. I have the minor issue of not being able to tell how to turn off the kitchen light. There is no switch in the kitchen for it and none of the other switches in the house seem to do it either. Also there are no drawers in the kitchen. There are about 12 full size cabinets but no drawers. Just odd.

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So of late I have found I have been in a materialistic mode. I keep dwelling on material items I want, in particular pieces of technology. Invariably they are also items I cant afford.

For instance I have been thinking hard about getting a new HD capable tv. I have a tiny little 13 inch vcr/tv combo. I Find myself trying to think of a way to be able to afford a new tv. I began thinking in terms of how many weeks of 60 hour weeks would I have to work to afford it.

And while I am at it I could work for a new camera. I would certainly like one for Dragoncon so I could get pics of all the fun. Also I could use a new monitor as mine is dying and the big flat screens call to me. While I am at it a mixing board and field-recording rig would be good. I also certainly would not turn down a hd capable video camera while we are at it. I can keep going but you get the idea.

I need to get past this of course. I can’t afford any of this at the moment. It is bound to lead to disappointment and irritation if I continue to think this way. I need to break from it for a while. I have to accept that I am not making the kind of money to indulge my tech geek self too much. I will certainly make it a goal to get a job where I can afford to indulge such notions.