August 27th, 2007

monday update.

The con is looming. Looming is a good word. It seems like I have a billion things to do between now and Wednesday night when I drive down. The laptop needs to be loaded up with some software tonight. The clothes and minimum of costuming will need to packed by at least tomorrow night. The gaming books going needs to be reduced to a minimum I can get away with and still play in some games while there.
So the podcasting front needs to start up again now that I am more into the new apartment. I will be trying a free form update tonight. Most of my podcasts are prescripted but tonight I will try and give just an update podcast with out a scrip just a few bullet points. Depending on how it sounds I may do more of that. I am also taking the microphone to the con just incase I get a chance to record a little at the con.
Went to the gym this morning for a good work out. There will not be a gym in the hotel I am staying in but I figure massive amounts of walking and stair climbing will make up for the absence.
Saturday’s gestalt game finale was great fun. We got to fight a a fallen god, a few demons and a an Uber bad ass dragon half fiend. I blew up and finished off the dragon and the rest of the gang took out the big bad balor/half dragon that was living inside of him. I got brought back and became a god rank 0. Everyone had their cheesy characters uber bad ass moments. Insane amounts of damage were dealt by all involved. Adam ran a great game. Did not get to bed till around 4 am Sunday morning.