August 29th, 2007

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So I decided to forgo packing costuming, as I don’t have anything I think is really cool costuming. I will instead be dressed in my semi dressed up clothes. I wish I had some uber cool costuming but that will remain a weight loss goal I suspect. And a financial one as I can rarely afford a good bit of costuming.

The car is packed up. I have my tools. I am ready for con goodness. I have the ipod loaded with music and pocasts for the trip down. I have checked to make sure I pout my ticket confirmation in the bag 3 times. I wish it was not so hot as I don’t like to run my ac to much.

I will be driving down to ATL tonight and crashing at a friends place. I will be out to the con tomorrow to get my badge, program, and meet and greet some folks.