September 4th, 2007

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So Dragoncon.....

I had a good convention. It had its foibles but over all it was a really great con for me. In manyways it was one of the best i have ever done. I felt like I did more and accomplished more than previous conventions.

First off there were my roommates, imperatrix and shieldhaven. Great couple of people to room with and they made the con more manageable. Having the right roommate for a convention is vital and these guys made things smooth which is good.

Second I got to try out a new game. Spirit of the Century run by Sam Chupp at this con was a good game. The game is based on the notion of playing pulp style action heroes. The system is simple and the character creation is evolutionary. The game was enhanced by some good friends doing what we do which is project our larger life selves into a game. I will be buying this game eventually and it will be reviewed for the podcast.

Speaking of podcasting I have to say that is the high point for the weekend. I have been podcasting off and on and listening to podcasts for over a year. To actually meet these folks in person sort of made me feel like part of the tribe for a change. It has made me want to get off my ass and be up to the level that some of these people are at. I do love podcasting. I am passionate about what I am doing and I look forward to making it a bigger part of what i do. I am going to finish that story I have been working on and get it cleaned up and ready. Then i do intend to, once I am sure it is ready, podcast it.

I met Sam Chupp of the Bears Grove during the game and he is a pretty cool guy, very laid back. I met Mur Lafferty and tried not to fan boy out on her when I told her I loved her stuff. Mike Menengay was there and I have been exchanging email with him for a long time. I interviewed J C Hutchins a while back but I found him to be a gentle and unassuming individual in person. I failed to keep from turning into a fanboy when I met Dr. Pamela Gay. Not only is she this brilliant lady who hosts the astronomy cast but also she has the sexiest voice in podcasting. Scott Sigler and Tee Morris were full time and full bore promotional machines. Seth Harwood was a charming guy to meet and was very encouraging. Strangely Literal and i had a great talk about the fan fiction out there how podcasting made me actually find some I liked. I am going to stop here and say i met a lot of really amazing podcasters and i could spend pages and pages talking about it but lets leave it at that most of them were just amazing to me. I don't often get to say i came away from a con with a new sense of purpose.

Another high point was the live recording of the astronomy cast which featured the afore mention Dr. Gray who I now have a uber crush on and Kevin Grazier, the science advisor for BSG talking about bad movie science. I loved the panel and I got to talk to Kevin Grazer afterward and he was pretty cool.

I also met some of the Colonial fleet people and they were great bunch of folks. They through a good party and Jamie Barber and Mark Sheppard showed up. There was good music and good company. I caught up with them later on and got a call sign. This has led to another goal. I want to loose enough weight so that next year i could look appropriate in a colonial fleet outfit. Sort of appealing to my own vanity there but it is something to work towards.

The con was not perfect. There was some administration foul ups. The sheer number of people made it near impossible to see all the folks i wanted too. Unless i had their cell phone number I had no way to follow up with them and even when they did I had problems finding people. The difficulty in making it through convention spaces also pretty much meant you had to walk outside the buildings to get anywhere in anything like a timely fashion. Everyone knows the elevators are hell so i did end up doing a lot of stair climbing. My work out was just going from place to place. The legendary level of price gouging blew me away as well. The breakfast bar in the hyatt was 17.50!! What the frak is that!?! Do i get a blow job with my bacon? No? Then why am i paying more than 3 times the typical value for a breakfast bar?

Over all it was a great con for me though. I am glad i went. It refreshed my spirit and destressed me greatly. Sadly I now have concrud and I am at home as a result. I hope everyone else had as good a weekend.