October 10th, 2007

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I finished the write up of the script for the podcast and I will be recording tonight or tomorrow.  I plan on getting it up before the wedding this weekend. I have gone ahead and added a donation link to The Basic of the Game website. I figure it cant to have it up there and maybe I can get my bandwidth paid for and maybe someday upgrade the hardware and the like.   I am debating whether to ask folks on the podcast to go and promote the podcast.. A few good reviews on iTunes or digging the podcast on digg.com or even going by podcast pickle and giving me a good review would mean a lot towards getting more listeners.

I will ask, do you think such a request would be to much?

anyways off to work with me.

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it is disturbing to me that the song "dont worry, be happy!" actually does dramatically improve my mood. Bobby McFerrin for the win!

"I give you my phone number.When worry call me. I make you happy."
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