November 1st, 2007

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okay a few updates of things I think are cool.

Mur Lafferty dropped the first episode of her new podiobook last night. Mur is a really talented writer and podcaster. I love her work on I Should be Writing and her Heven and Hell podiobooks. In the podcasting community she is well loved for goo reason.

her new novel is found here.

Scott Sigler is another big guy in podcasting which is funny cause he is kind of tiny. He does horror. He does driving action heavy horror stories and has had no small level of success. He podcasted his novels. After the novels were podcasted he got the published in print. His second book, Ancestor scored the number one spot for horror and scifi on in the month of April. His new podcast novel called Nocturnal dropped last night as well. You should go check it out here.

and last but not least let me point you to a new Joss Whedon podcast, Joss'd. The show covers a broad range of Joss Whedon related things. They cover the tv and movie offerings, comics, fan fiction, and even gaming.(*waves*) it is an entertaining bunch working on the show. You also have to love a show thats official them song is "when your evil."

and it has me as well. I did a couple of segments for them. It is surprising but they actually don't mind having me around.

Joss'd can be found here.

and as an added touch. The trailer for Repo: The Genetic Opera. It is a horror musical.