November 16th, 2007

So the news.....

So where to begin. That is always the problem isn't it. Any writer knows the problem intimately and really the only answer is in the beginning.

I got told by some friends in Raleigh to apply at their company. They work at a place called Icarus Studios. They are working on an MMO called Fallen Earth. A good portion of the design team for this game are old friends of mine(*waves* Hi guys!). Any way on Friday of last week at the beginning of the larp, Lee advised me I should put in a resume. I dutifully did on the following Monday.

So I got the job. I will be doing QA for the game. Basically playing it in such a manner so as to find all the flaws. I will be making better than 10,000 a year better than my current pay. Also it is my understanding most game designers in the industry start in the QA line. It is potentially the beginning of a career. I expect and plan on doing QA for at least a year though. There is good news and then there is good news.

Now it is great news, but I am not so silly as to be all roses and candy. The moving is not going to be easy. I have yet to figure out where I am moving. I am hoping to find a roommate do to wanting to reduce expenses of moving. Baring that maybe a couch to crash on for a while I get a place. As a last resort I will hit up the family for some help to get a place, but that is a last resort type thing as I am never happy to hit my family up for financial aid.

The fun part is the start date appears to be 12-3-07. So I have 2 weeks to find a place and move. Two weeks to prepare for a new job and new city.

May you live in interesting times.

Things are going to be chaotic for a bit. I am happy and terrified at the same time.

So thats the news. Hope everyone is having a good day.